Awesome Natives in Tech

A list of Native technologists that represent or serve Native communities

Ryan Day
Google | San Jose CA
Thomas Fowler
Denver, CO
Julian Kussman
St. Louis, MO
Catherine "Erin" Ishimoticha
SpaceX | Los Angeles, CA
SpaceX Flight Software Engineer. Python, build systems. Choctaw and Chickasaw. She/her, bi polyam 🏳️‍🌈. Board of Directors @NativesInTech
Nick Sahler
Squarespace | New York City
@Squarespace, @nativesintech, @ncodex-org Formerly @discourse-org , @eevo
Alex Clemmer
Reconnecting Wasq'u descendent
Dakota Lightning
NLD Studio | Edmonton, Canada
Kevin Sooley
@AgilityInc | Hamilton, Ontario
Former astronomer turned software developer
Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh
@airbnb | San Francisco
Design Leader, Airbnb Infrastructure: Data, Development, and Security Tooling.
Noma Thayer
Eastern Shoshone + Northern Arapaho, Data Engineer
Coty Sutherland
Red Hat, Inc. | North Carolina, USA
Waccamaw Siouan. Software Engineer at @RedHatOfficial. Blogger-ish. Amateur woodworker. Lifelong learner. @Apache Tomcat committer. Workaholic. Problem solver.
Courtney Johnston von Nieda
Kansas City, MO
Keoni Mahelona
From Kauaʻi. Olin Alum. Native Hawaiian. Living in Aotearoa.
Amelia Winger-Bearskin
Contentful | San Francisco
Artist, developer, and community organizer. Developer Evangelist at Contentful
Jay Castro
Airbnb | San Francisco Bay Area
Hafa adai! I'm a UX content strategist and advocate for my Chamoru heritage.
Adam Recvlohe
@simspace | Tulsa, OK
Muscogee/Canadian/American, Advocate for @nativesintech, Typed Developer
Andrea Delgado-Olson
East Bay Area, CA
Stephen Emery
Oregon, USA
Building AR apps and having fun doing it!
Taraneh BigBow
Software Engineer in the Bay Area. Kiowa Native. Fuji x-t20 Photographer. Creating with code-knitting-sewing-beading
Alex Waite
Oakland, CA
Web Dev | Multimedia Artist
the hypersurface
ML | 100% ndn | she/they | chaotic good 🎩🕷️🖤
Teddee Jordan
CNC Catastrophe and National Claims | Mobile County, Alabama
At Work: PHP, MySQL, VB6, Powershell | Projects: Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Python | Other Exp: Perl, C++, Bash | Interested: brain.js, AI dev.